Reworked my network board last night. Swapped to a larger switch, and added some of the always-on SBC's.

I should probably just get a small rack, but sometimes it's fun to sit down, listen to some music, and craft something.

@robjloranger @Tayo Nice! Something not pictured is the frame that the pegboard is attached to has a french cleat at the top so its easy to pop off and on the wall.

@rho What a lovely, tidy setup. I've been thinking of something similar, but it never occurred to me to use that material.

@rho ooh that's pretty. I do have a "rack" (actually two built-in shelves at the end of the garage) so it's not needed here... But dayum I want to make it any way :D

Flashback to learning about building Raspberry Pi racks out of Lego, using their online designer... Never did that either... Heh :)

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