Ran down to Schertz, TX today for the San Antonio Radio Fiesta. Passed the test to upgrad my license to the General class!

While I was there I picked up a couple items at the swap. A couple Kenwood radios for VHF/UHF (2m/70cm) from the 80's to use at my bench, and a TEN-TEC 252 power supply to match my old TEN-TEC Argosy.

@rho congrats on your upgrade. HF gets pretty interesting. Have you considered becoming a VE for tech exams?

@dude Thanks! I hadn't really thought about it until the VE's were suggesting it today after I passed the General. I may talk to some of the folks here locally and see what the need is, and if they're short handed give it a go.

@rho nice. It's the most fun of the exams to give. By the next two people know what to expect :dude:

@dude I bet so. I took my Technician exam nervous and hung over at Defcon a few years back. I'm sure those old Hams had a laugh.

@rho oh man. I can only imagine. That must have been almost as bad as having to go to the FCC back in the day.
@dude @rho The FCC still sucks, but man....90's FCC was the worst.
@l0wk3y FCC now doesn't have much funding. They just process the paperwork for the licenses on the ham bands. We tend to take care of things ourselves otherwise. @rho
@dude @rho Man, yeah. Tech has just outpaced them in the last 20 years.

I mean, if I want to listen to Howard Stern or whatever, that's my damn business.
@l0wk3y I believe you should be directing your rage at Tipper Gore @rho

@dude @l0wk3y I really worry that this is going to make it easier for corporate interests to stake claims in the amateur space.

@rho the current administration's head is letting them creep in on some space. 3.5GHz is one I'm concerned about. Until recently we only shared that space with a military RADAR system. There's also some concern that local governments will grow to be to dependant on FirstNet. As long as we're active in the space there shouldn't be too much concern. It's the bands that don't have mass market appliances that'll go first. @l0wk3y
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