Finally narrowed down the Solanaceae varieties (peppers and tomatoes) I want to try in the garden this year. The diversity in that family is dauntingly huge, but it's so much fun combing through seed catalogues and researching subspecies and their habits.

@rho What have you chosen, and what are their habits?


Capsicum chinense:
- Yellow Devils Tongue. Elongated yellow pods, Very hot with a lemon flavor.
- Chocolate Fatalii. Elongated Brownish purple pods. Very hot but sweeter.

Capsicum annuum:
- Orange Thai. Thin rough 3" long orange pods. Quick upfront heat.
- Chocolate Cherry. A pimiento cultivar. More sweet than hot.

Solanum lycopersicum:
- Persimmon. Produces huge 1 - 2 lb orange/yellow tomatoes.
- Sungold. Cherry hybrid. Produces large clusters of very sweet tomatoes.

@george_ There are a few more, but I'm probably most excited about these.

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