Just wrapped up a clean install on an old Odroid XU3 in preparation to throw an MQTT broker on there and experiment with piping various bits radio data to it.

Thinking Zigbee, 433Mhz OOK, APRS, and ADS-B.

@rho when would you use ZeroMQ vs. MQTT? I did some quick googling but the differences/advantages did pop out and I don’t know much about the techs.

@paretech I don't really have enough experience with either to be able to give a fair opinion.

On the surface ZeroMQ seems much more flexible and feature rich but more complex, whereas MQTT seems very simple and straightforward. Further, folks using Home Assistant and/or Node Red often use MQTT in conjunction, providing plenty of examples and previous work to pull from. So I thought I'd dip a toe into the Message Queue space with MQTT.

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