There is a nonprofit here called Tree Folks. They work with the municipal utility to give away a variety of trees to the community a couple times a year.

I went this morning and stood in a line of some of the happiest people I've been around in a while. Walked away with a very nice looking Celeste Fig tree. Planted in the far end of the garden and feeling quite pleased, both with the tree and our local community.

@Tayo As I get older I catch myself wanting to move out to the country, but then things like this come around and get me second guessing.

I get that. I want to move back but we're also looking real hard at moving to Arkansas. Two very different extremes.

@Tayo Wow yeah. There was a time when I was thinking about moving up around Eureka Springs with a bunch of hippies. 😆

There are some beautiful spots out in AR.

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