The switches arrived today! Surprisingly difficult to find a vendor that had them in stock.

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Digi-Key day! More components for the keyboard. Mostly passives and the I/O expander, still waiting on the teensy.
Suppose its time to cleanup my shamefully cluttered workbench. 😳

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Left hand side of the ErgoDox populated! A bit tedious but nothing difficult.

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For fun here is the tail end of a time lapse I had running while piecing this together.

After some delay a set of keycaps arrived. All that's left is a case!

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The case arrived from FalbaTech! I went with the simple white one expecting to paint it, however I couldn't resist putting it all together. Finally putting this project to some use.

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@danct12 Thanks! I was a little hesitant when I ordered them, but now that I see them in person I really like them.

@rho I really like the way those key caps look. Colors and shape. Would you mind linking them for me?

Very cool. Yet another project I want to do yet lack the time to start, forget about completing it.

@Tayo I know the feeling. I've got quite a few of those too.

@rho Nice looking build! This is my daily, an Infinity Ergodox in a Datamancer wood case with Matias clicky switches.

@ieure Ooo that's really slick! I especially like the wooden case.

@rho I've got two of the pre built Ergodox-EZs, they're amazing! I'm thinking I'm going to disassemble my home one and replace all the switches with something clickier though!

I'm thinking about trying to print a Dactyl when I get a 3D printer though!

@rmgr My brain is hurting trying to relearn years of muscle memory, but I already see the benefits of the layout. I love how easy it is to remap things and zero in on an ideal setup.

Dactyls look so cool! If you wind up giving it a shot post some pics!

@rho I think it took me about two months to get the hang of it properly but I was also working 9-5 on a normal keyboard at work. I'm sure if you dive in you'll get it faster!

@paretech Still getting used to the ortholinear layout, but its nice overall.

@rho oh ya! I didn’t even notice when I first gleaned photos. I bet that is hard, my wrists hurt just thinking about it.

@rho If you don't mind sharing, where did you get your keycaps? I got mine from Amazon! (ergodox 😛)

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