The switches arrived today! Surprisingly difficult to find a vendor that had them in stock.

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Digi-Key day! More components for the keyboard. Mostly passives and the I/O expander, still waiting on the teensy.
Suppose its time to cleanup my shamefully cluttered workbench. 😳

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Left hand side of the ErgoDox populated! A bit tedious but nothing difficult.

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For fun here is the tail end of a time lapse I had running while piecing this together.

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After some delay a set of keycaps arrived. All that's left is a case!

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The case arrived from FalbaTech! I went with the simple white one expecting to paint it, however I couldn't resist putting it all together. Finally putting this project to some use.

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@icanswiftabit I didn't realize this was a thing. After looking it up, I think I very well may, the te sockets seem relatively cheap and easy to install. Not really seeing too many downsides. Thanks for letting me know about this.

Have you used them before? Would you recommend them?

@rho I have them in my Planck EZ. I highly recommend them. You can change switches without any problem. Mix them. For eg. I have nonclicky except backspace :D Officemates are happy because not all of my switches are loud and I having satisfaction when I'm deleting something :)

@rho There's not a lof of people who buy Cherry MX anything, unless they're already soldered to an OEM-keyboard. :) Those who build their own keyboard often buy other brands.

@hund Why are folks avoiding them? Are Kailh or Gateron more commonly preferred? I always heard Cherry MX had the "better" switches, though I very well may be falling prey to marketing.

@rho They're different, not necessarily better or worse. They all have their pros and cons. :)

Most Gateron and Kailh switches are cheaper, which is a large factor for a lot of people. Gateron are generally a bit smooter than Cherry, but have a little bit more wobble instead. Gateron and Kailh comes in more variations as well.

And being different from mainstream is important as well! ;)

@rho I really like the way those key caps look. Colors and shape. Would you mind linking them for me?

@rho Nice looking build! This is my daily, an Infinity Ergodox in a Datamancer wood case with Matias clicky switches.

@ieure Ooo that's really slick! I especially like the wooden case.

@paretech Still getting used to the ortholinear layout, but its nice overall.

@rho oh ya! I didn’t even notice when I first gleaned photos. I bet that is hard, my wrists hurt just thinking about it.

@rho If you don't mind sharing, where did you get your keycaps? I got mine from Amazon! (ergodox 😛)

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