Took some notes while setting up the VICE C64 emulator on the Pocket CHIP.

My end goal was to be able to conveniently practice with the defMON tracker, but it wound up being a lot of fun to just mess around with old Commodore applications in a portable form factor.

@rho I've been struggling for two days now to get Python 3.7 installed on my CHIP because Debian Jessie only has OpenSSL v1.0.1. Python refuses to compile SSL module in, even after compiling it from source. I've given up now. Thanks for listening to my rant.

That sounds like so much fun. I used to play Raid on Bungling Bay(I think I have the name right) on a C64 decades ago. It was much fun. I'd love to play it again but I wonder what that would do to my memory of the game. I'm afraid it wouldn't be as good today as I remember it.

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