I'm gonna to do it...
I 'm switching to fish.

Then maybe learn how to gammer. 😩

... and spell. Yeesh, think I'm done computing for a bit.

@rho I considered doing this, but then I realized that I basically never use the shell on my personal desktop. (And at work, where I use shells all day long, I don't get to pick which one.)

@ataraxia937 @rho most distros have a 0 permissions zsh/fish install. I'd look into that.

@EclecticEclipse @rho Wouldn't help. I work on about 7000 servers. And the customer's processes expect us to be using their environment.

@rho I cannot be bothered to learn or configure much of anything about my shell anymore, so fish is a dream.

It has a nice manual and sane syntax. The worst part is figuring out how to put CLI editors in bash mode and dealing with software that only runs correctly in a Posix shell for no good reason.

@rho I've been interested in trying fish. Care to share a reasons 1,2,3 list?

@EclecticEclipse I'm a bit ashamed to admit it, but mostly for the autosuggestions and quick tab suggestions/completions. More and more I've found myself leaning on tab completion implementations for other apps like git and systemd but they're often pretty slow in both zsh and bash.

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