If you have Pi-hole on your network, that means you also have Dnsmasq, and therefore can have some local DNS fun.

Today I was wanting to wildcard a local domain to my NAS. I added a dnsmasq conf file to the box running Pi-hole containing:
Where the 192.168.xxx.xxx is the local ip of the NAS. Now on the local network whateveriwant.nas points at the NAS.


Finding this very useful.


It's also worth noting that Dnsmasq will respect the /etc/hosts file on the machine running Pi-hole. You can use it just like the hosts file on your computer, but it will apply across the local net.

I use this all the time to keep up with all the little devices on the LAN. For instance say I have an Odroid SBC I need to shell into, and I've setup an entry for it in Pi-hole's hosts file. Now rather than,
ssh username@192.168.xxx.xxx
I can do something like,
ssh username@odroid

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