Thanks to you Fosstodonians for turning me onto Syncthing. Finally gave it a try this evening, and dang it's handy!

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Researching various topics has me thinking about microcomputers, personal computers and computers in the service of people (as opposed to the other way around).

There was a huge increase in freedom when the microcomputer put programmable computers within reach of an exponentially larger audience than the existing institutional-scale machines. In a way those computers have grown back into the machines they replaced, and the freedom of users, programmers & operators has been repealed almost completely (how different is "the cloud" from the mainframe of yore?).

We could have small, personal and free computers again, if we accept the limitation that these computers can't do everything the "big" computers can do. We made that bargain once back in the 70's, and maybe it's time to try it again?

Took some notes while setting up the VICE C64 emulator on the Pocket CHIP.

My end goal was to be able to conveniently practice with the defMON tracker, but it wound up being a lot of fun to just mess around with old Commodore applications in a portable form factor.

This has probably made the rounds here already, but its worth reiterating.

While the Equifax punishment is somewhat laughable its important that they pay it in full.

Spent some time last week working with the pocket chip. A bit of that time included rearranging the homepage launcher.

A week or so ago I hastily purchased this little network-attached TV tuner and a cheap antenna to watch World Cup on a local ota Telemundo station.

I've gotta say I'm impressed! The picture is very good, and the little device just works. I can watch the stream from VLC or use a plugin on the Kodi box on the TV. I'm by no means a fan of network television, but this setup already has me thinking about possible upgrades/improvements.

... and spell. Yeesh, think I'm done computing for a bit.

Then maybe learn how to gammer. 😩

I'm gonna to do it...
I 'm switching to fish.

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this pre-commit hook has saved my butt so many times

Harvested a nice flush of peppers today. Started a lacto ferment with most of them for some eventual hot sauce.

Shishitos (let them go too long but still delicious), serranos, and a yellow scotch bonnet.

Sumbled on "Tooting Crater" while browsing HiRISE images from The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. I wonder what instance it's on.

A bit warm for it this evening, but few things clear my mind as well as tending a fire. Solutions to long standing problems, perspective on where I am in my life, generally just stopping and checking in with myself.

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An great interview with Travis Goodspeed on the Amp Hour podcast! He is consistently a source of inspiration for side projects and electronics shenanigans.

Tweaked the nmon options for the tiny Cloudshell2 display. I found this much more useful than the default from

CPU and Drive activity at a glance and removed network activity, as it made very little sense when using a bunch of docker containers.

After install you can tweak this by editing /bin/cloudshell-nmon and changing the default option string near the bottom.
This output uses:
export NMON=xtfcdG

Getting comfortable with using docker-compose on this NAS. I have Portainer, Traefik, Miniflux, Kanboard, and as of tonight Nextcloud installed.

I was putting off the Nextcloud installation because, for some reason, I had it in my head that it would be tricky/difficult. It wound up being very straight forward.

Next up is Gitea I think.

It's also worth noting that Dnsmasq will respect the /etc/hosts file on the machine running Pi-hole. You can use it just like the hosts file on your computer, but it will apply across the local net.

I use this all the time to keep up with all the little devices on the LAN. For instance say I have an Odroid SBC I need to shell into, and I've setup an entry for it in Pi-hole's hosts file. Now rather than,
I can do something like,
ssh username@odroid

Swapped the stock fan in the CloudShell 2 to something quieter.

Fit perfectly and sooo much better.

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