Just wrapped up a clean install on an old Odroid XU3 in preparation to throw an MQTT broker on there and experiment with piping various bits radio data to it.

Thinking Zigbee, 433Mhz OOK, APRS, and ADS-B.

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Apparently it was time for a refresher on sorting algorithms and European folk dance.


I've been considering replacing PiHole with AdGuardHome. I've been using PiHole for a couple years now and I've loved it, but AdGuard seems more feature rich and flexible.

Anyone running AdGuard? Do you like it? If you've also run PiHole how do they compare in regard to maintenance/convenience?


I stumbled on The Open Book Project a while back. The project goal is to arrive at a simple, open source, DIY e-reader. It's still a work in progress, but it has been fascinating to follow along.


The case arrived from FalbaTech! I went with the simple white one expecting to paint it, however I couldn't resist putting it all together. Finally putting this project to some use.

For the last few years, when the seasons change and things get cooler, I dust off my bread making stuff, get a hold of some fresh yeast, buy a new bag of flour, and get back to the practice of bread making. This year that happened last weekend. To get back in the swing of things, I made a few simple french rolls for sandwiches.I've been eating on them for lunch the last couple of days, and it has me marveling on the magic of bread all over again.

Current Status: Drowning in WeeChat config. 😅

After some delay a set of keycaps arrived. All that's left is a case!

All the videos are up from this years Wireless Village at DEF CON! Time to settle in for a few hours of talks.


There is a nonprofit here called Tree Folks. They work with the municipal utility to give away a variety of trees to the community a couple times a year.

I went this morning and stood in a line of some of the happiest people I've been around in a while. Walked away with a very nice looking Celeste Fig tree. Planted in the far end of the garden and feeling quite pleased, both with the tree and our local community.

My IRC client now connects to a ZNC bouncer (local NAS), that then connects to a BitlBee server (local NAS), that then connects to all my rando chat accounts (hangouts, discord, etc)

This may be getting out of hand, but so far I love it.

My wife wrapped up a project for her VizComm class today. First time using Premiere and under a tight time crunch. I thought she did amazingly well, and it's adorable af.


While messing with chat stuff today I spun up BitlBee bitlbee.org to give it a try. BitlBee acts like a gateway connecting to disparate messaging accounts/protocols and exposing them as an IRC server.

I've got folks scattered across several chat programs and get real tired of managing several chat windows. Now I can handle all chatting from a single IRC client. Seems to be working well so far, we'll see how it holds up through the week.

Setting up ZNC with docker-compose was trickier than I thought it would be. Makes sense now that I've got it sorted, but it was a real head scratcher there for a bit.

Running the interactive config generator with:
docker-compose run znc --makeconf
After pulling the container, but before standing it up was the trick.

Just returned from an anniversary camping trip with the wife. A lovely weekend in the Texas hillcountry. The weather was cool and clear; a nice break from everyday trappings.

Has anyone been using privacy.com for online payments? If so I'd love to hear your thoughts about it.

They were a sponsor on the most recent "Security Now" so I thought I'd check them out. I love the idea of generating cards for different vendors, putting limits on them, or a one off card for a one time purchase.

Tom Scott clearing some things up about VPNs. Well done and hilarious.


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