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After putting this off for over a year I finally wrapped up a post on my little Odroid XU4 CloudShell2 NAS. This may have worked out for the best, as I now have a full year of use to reflect on.

Trying Yaupon tea this evening. Its a native around here (along with most of the Southern US), and is apparently the only native plant in North America that has caffeine.

I was expecting something harsh and bitter, but I'm pleasantly surprised. Its earthy, smooth, and pleasant.

This evening I stood up Jellyfin on my little Odroid NAS, and sorted through all my random albums using beets. I don't imagine it could handle transcoding very well, but as a little music server its performing very well.

You know, I've really grown to love the music of Jethro Tull.

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Small is Beautiful – live in 30 minutes (5PM UTC) with Paul Frazee talking about CTZN, the new distributed social network he’s building on the Hypercore Protocol.

(If you want to join the stream and ask a question or add your thoughts, have your webcam and headphones ready and we will give the studio link during the stream.)

With the week were having in Central Texas, I think a solar installation and some large battery backups may have moved up the project list.

A very rare sight on the sunrise loop from GOES-16 this morning. ❄️

mitxela uploaded a video this morning of a new creation to add to his crazy homebrew midi instruments. The midi slide whistle!

Sometimes its nice to put on a multi hour walk through of restoring some 80 year old radio from Mr Carlson''s Lab and get some work done. I find it strangely motivating, like having someone working along side you.

Harrowing but thoughtful conversation on the most recent "Your Undivided Attention" podcast. Exploring some of the influences tech is having on society, and trying to extrapolate out.


Woah, ameriDroid (where I buy nearly all of my SBC stuff) is going to be an official Shelly reseller. Didn't see that coming, but it makes perfect sense.

Tonight's project was replacing the can lights in the kitchen with some dimmable Phillips LED fixtures. Swapped out the wall switch with a Zigbee enabled dimmer switch.

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Having a Zigbee hub that I control has me much more inclined to have 'smart' things around the house. Local only, running FOSS, no required mobile app, no cloud service, no vendor lock, yet still using off the shelf consumer devices.

Had a dream last night where a wall of the house was falling down and I kept telling everyone, "No big deal, we can fix it with a little CSS."

Sending out a few gifts from the garden this year. The pain powder power pack.

I've been giving the Nextcloud cookbook app a try the last few weeks, and I'm finding it very handy. It's very convenient to pull a recipe up on my phone and place that on a stand near me on the counter. Best of all I can actually find what I'm looking for without having to sort through a pile of paper scraps.

Pulled the final Orange Thai pepper harvest this weekend. Decided to experiment with smoking a drying for powder. A few hours on Mesquite then finishing them off in a dehydrator. They turned out great! Nice smokey flavor, but still has some punchy heat.

Added some peppers to an ongoing ferment earlier. Telling myself, like I always do, "meh I don't need gloves I'll just be mindful not to touch my face". Now a couple hours later, as always happens, my face is on fire.

I purchased a food dehydrator as a birthday gift to myself. It arrived today and I'm unreasonably happy about it!

*slaps roof*

This bad boy can fit so many veggies in it.

Processed some loofa today! This is about half of what's left on the vine.

On a related note, this live oak tree is nearly 2000 years old. The last time I saw it I was a young man. It gave me great solace to see it again and spend a short time among it and its daughters.

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