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After putting this off for over a year I finally wrapped up a post on my little Odroid XU4 CloudShell2 NAS. This may have worked out for the best, as I now have a full year of use to reflect on.

Picked up Superflux's "Instant Archetypes" cards somewhat on a whim. I was curious about their choices for mapping on these concepts. They are beautifully done, but I'm disappointed and somewhat surprised with how narrow the context is. May as well be "Archetypes of Big Tech Capitalism."


I've recently discovered mezcal margaritas; smokey, citrus-ey, a little sweet.

oh no 🍸

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Creating diagrams with PlantUML is so handy.
I could probably be a lot more efficient with it if I ran it locally, but I just cant bring myself to install that JAVA server.

Anyone use PlantUML? What's your workflow like?

An XBee Zigbee module arrived today. Hopefully I can get this little thing talking with my local Zigbee mesh. Ultimately I'm aiming to control some low power devices, which seem to be oddly missing in the consumer Zigbee stuff.

Spent some time getting more familiar with Grafana configurations. Finally cleaning up the garden data display.

Just heard about the Helios64 ARM based NAS bundle on the Self Hosted Podcast. This thing looks pretty dang slick.

Yikes! Just got locked out of my Arch account for a few minutes after an update.

A reminder to Arch users, always check the news feed and pay attention to pacman output. I got complacent after a couple years of seamless updating.

Why you always gotta hurt me like that Drupal?

Once again, taking backups and keeping a docker compose file has made what would have been very involved, so easy.

August is brutal here, but I'd like to be able to get fall garden starts going outside without cooking the seedlings. So I'm experimenting with a new lid and shade cloth on the cold frame. Initial tests are looking promising.

More and more I'm thinking of deleting my dotfiles and starting over fresh. There is years of cruft in there, and at this point it feels a bit too daunting to walk through it all.

Installing ALARM on an SBC this morning. Every time I walk through this I think "I should write an Ansible playbook to handle everything" and every time I talk myself out of it because "how often would I really need it."

You think I'd learn eventually.

Oh this is too cool. Wireless streaming multiplayer on the Odroid-Go Advance.

Wiring up this little magnetic switching circuit breaker for an old radio, and I cant stop fidgeting with it. Something about the sound and the action, so nice.

DatConf 2020 is today and tomorrow. They just got started, excited to see what they've been up to since the change to hyper protocol.

Just hung a fire extinguisher under the project bench. Probably should have done that a long time ago. 😬

I've had the HOPE livestream on all day and have really enjoyed the talks. Up next is Cory Doctorow with the keynote!

Following along with the BSides SATX talks today. Its all virtual this year, but they're doing a great job keeping it interactive.

Looks like this old Ten-Tec power supply still works! Testing out the endpoints to try and make up a cable to power my Ten-Tec Argosy HF radio.

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