I wanted to start a "back to basic" series for org-mode and Emacs.

The idea is to make people more aware of what org-mode has "out of the box" without rushing to use various packages and code bits: the productivity philosophy behind the "why", not just the "how."

I ended up repeating a few things I've said before, so if you find that you're interested in more details about something, look under the "orgmode" tag.

Hope you enjoy it!


#orgmode #emacs #productivity

@jrss Nice article, would be great if you include a link tag to your RSS feed in your hugo theme header. I was able to figure out since I use hugo and it resides at joshrollinswrites.com/index.xm but many people might miss out.

@rhnvrm ok so I changed the RSS (hopefully) to include the full posts. Testing. And will include an RSS button when I get to it. Thanks for the tip again :)

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