So I'm thinking on switching to a new email provider, currently options are or custom domain with Infomaniak. Anyone can share their opinion about these or other services? Thank you Fediverse!


> Anyone can share their opinion about these or other [email providers]?

I use Migadu ( and have been *pretty* happy with them. I've had some reliability issues (emails either being slow to fetch or not fetching at all for ~1hour) but no other complaints. The webmail interface is basic but serviceable (it's just a slightly reskinned rainloop, the common FOSS webmail

I doubt I'll leave, unless I decide to self-host my email server

I am using Tutanota. Pretty nice if you do not mind using their apps.

@rgarciag I use posteo for a whole lot of years. The customer support is fantastic!

@rgarciag I switched to about 2 years ago and have never regret it. Quite in contrast I moved more and more of my PIM and office docs to them. They have a solid list of features amongst them email, calendar, xmpp, webdav, ... they also support gpg and can create throwaway email addresses...

@rgarciag Whatever way you go, you should always run an own domain. It can safe you so much hassle and makes changing providers a lot easier.

See @kev's article about it:

@rgarciag Who is your current provider and what are thr most important features you require from a provider?

@rgarciag Fastmail ( is a nice ethical Australian company with a great comprehensive service.


I'am using posteo for some years now, no complaints about reliability. If you want maximum security (e.g. backend encryption) , privacy and a sustainable mailbox maybe posteo is the right choice.

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