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So regarding of the situation, I saw this ingenious trick. First mirror on !! credits to @GalacticFurball@twitter

Instructions (make sure you have ImageMagick installed):
convert -depth 8 yt_dl1.png rgb:yt_dl1.part
convert -depth 8 yt_dl2.png rgb:yt_dl2.part
cat yt_dl1.part yt_dl2.part > yt_dl-2020.9.20.tar.gz

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BTW if you have a Samsung Smart TV take a look at your queries... 😒

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So I've been using PiHole :raspberrypi: again since maybe a year of issues with my last ISP. Now that everything works as expected I'm totally in love with it. SO awesome!!

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I remember those days when I used to admire Google, they were very friendly with FOSS ecosystem. I remember the typical slogan "Don't be evil" and I used to believe them. Now I say fuck you Google and fuck everything you have become.

I started like Duckduckgo but my old experience don't let me trust in any fucking company that main product is closed source.

That's why I always try to take the risk and try to like more community distros or software made by community.

So I'm thinking on switching to a new email provider, currently options are Mailbox.org or custom domain with Infomaniak. Anyone can share their opinion about these or other services? Thank you Fediverse!

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Looking for volunteers who would be interested in translating privacytools.io to any variety of different languages (via Weblate). If you're interested shoot me a DM :)

I like the concept of blogging, maybe I will keep posting about some new promising tools 😃

Well, I wrote a post on how to avoid Twitter targeted ads. It's my first post, any thoughts will be listened 😁



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