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My lovely daughter got me this for my bday... It's not necessarily true but I love it. 😉

Pretty much a belt and suspenders (and beard and hair net and mask) on one of my site visits today. Lol!

My Dad still gets a tv guide. I think that's quaint. I spent many hours of my youth hunched over a bowl of cereal scanning through these for monster movies. :-)

So after some testing it's still weird. Using 4K-60fps video from my phone renders great out of . But using the 1080p-60fps footage does not. So I guess it's either change my default video settings on the phone to shoot 4k or transcode 1080p videos slightly if I'm going to use them in kdenlive. Hmm.

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Playing with . Everything is working great except it renders solid white video (audio's fine). Tried multiple output formats. Preview is fine. Must be doing something dumb on my end. I did apply white balance correction to the clips. Will try just rendering uncorrected plain clips to see.

@sotolf @0PT41N @tvass Bertie is getting up in age and his hips are getting sore after walks so he now gets to eat breakfast lying down. On shag carpet. Tough life. 😉

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@sotolf @0PT41N @tvass

Yah.. he thinks he's all that. At home he's all about the lazy cuddles and jerkiness sometimes too. Lol.

I dare not speak ill of cats. I used to have 4 years ago. We were thinking about getting one to keep him company. Just scared he might squish it. Being dainty ain't one of his strong suits. :-)

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Related to something I posted a week ago about computer generated faces. Here's a quick video explaining the sort of amazing advances made in this sort of thing. I find myself in awe seeing technological advances like this. But I can also understand people seeing this and feeling pessimism and fear of the future too.

I made a Valentine's Day gift for my wife. It was either a macaroni and glue card or this. :-) And that was my last ditch freehand attempt at a heart. You gotta squint and use your imagination.

The cold temps and fluffy overnight snow makes it feel like someone dumped that fake movie set snow here. :-)

Finally got caught up on today. I'm not disappointed. But it required some grit to stick it through the first few to get here. Such is our (my) expectation of immediate satisfaction with all things these days. :-\ BTW - we are loving on Netflix too. No waiting there if I'm honest.

Saw this on Reddit. A site you can use if you need people's faces for marketing etc. without having to get consent. They're all computer generated (you get a new face everytime you refresh). I find it weird that you're flipping through people that don't exist and never have. Great idea but feels a little unsettling and weird.

Well it took over a year before I noticed the scale on my speedometer isn't linear (and it was my wife who finally noticed). Apparently this is the case on a lot of VW's. You learn something new every day. :-). Excuse the dust and dog hair. It's been a long year. :-)

Both Bertie and I are getting up there in age so we both reserve the right to nap this afternoon.

Very crisp visit to the park this morning. At least portrait mode knows who's important in this photo. :-)

I'm guilty on all counts. Especially the standing and watching tv thing. Lol

Some pretty trees on the way to visit my Pa for coffee. No ice storm, just very cold (-20C) and moisture in the air I suppose.

Reminiscing on YouTube. Even before I got into computers with my Vic-20, I think the first thing I geeked out about was finding good quality cassette tapes for music. I remember treasuring the TDK Maxell and Denon Chrome tapes. And the expensive metal tapes. A whole experience I had completely forgotten about.

Cooked some weekend bacon. Not touching it until the late risers are up is the challenge. Otherwise there will be nothing left except the smell of bacon. Which would be cruel. 😉

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