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@randynose here's a kick at the.... here's an attempt. ;-) First time I've really used my Wacom tablet with (up until now it's really been a and thing for me - other than marking up pdf drawings for work which sadly is 90% of what it's been used for).

Took my dog to the spa (my Dad's) after a trip to the park this morning. :-)

Uspol, strong language 

Lest you think the only angry white guys are busy committing insurrection.

At least my wife has given me some objectives for my next grocery store visit. It can't be all cereal and Italian cookies I guess. :-)

@claudiom @pla Good initiative! 🚲

I cycle every single day in and around my town and it's safe like it should for everyone! I don't have any photos but I will fight for this in honor of Patrick ❤️

You will be missed friend :blobpray: 🚴 ❤️ Rest in peace

re: death (Patrick Archibald, aka @pla), eulogy 

#RIPpla indeed. Those who need more details can find them at

In his honour of @pla I've attached a photo of one of my #bikeTrips to #Bodøsjøen in #Bodø, #Norway

So sad to hear the news about Patrick @pla.

I never got to know Patrick personally but he was one of those people who inspired others like me just by being the person he was and sharing that positivity. I will miss you my friend.

# PLARidesOn

Woot woot. Just got the message I can go pick up Mrsnose from the hospital.

The cat is ready for her.

death (Patrick Archibald, aka @pla), eulogy 

@pla You were taken from this world too soon. I remember meeting you at SELF and I've always know you to be the nicest human being. Enjoyed your posts on Identica and, recently, on the Fediverse via Mastodon. I wish I could have known you more on a personal level because you radiated positivity. My heart is broken at the news of your passing today, but I'm glad I got to know you. Your posts always brightened my day. I'll miss you. #RIPpla

If you are a #cyclist, please share your ride photos. It would be nice to honor @pla's life of cycling after such sad news.

Please boost this if you can. Thanks.


Potentially two more weeks of this dangerous crap. The Senate needs to do what's required.


Where the hell is all the law and order when all the angry white people show up and storm your institutions?

At what point are there actually real repercussions for crap like this?

Reset: Reclaiming the Internet for Civil Society

The 2020 CBC Massey Lectures. How did I just find out about this?

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