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Hey @randynose this one's for you. I actually used to do this with my cats (I used to have 4 at one point in my life) and didn't even need an instructional video. Lol. I regularly so this with Bertie too (takes noticeably more effort!) and he doesn't complain. Though he doesn't complain about much of anything.

Saw a commercial for a series with Christopher Plummer... who I always get confused with Martin Landau... which made me think of this show (Space:1999) for some reason... Strange how these things work. LOL

Finally updating my Dad on the phone front (we bought him a Pixel 4a for his birthday). Yes, that's a galaxy S4.:-)

This may be one of my favourite pictures I've taken of my dear Bertie. Phone cameras still amaze me.

If ever there was a podcast that sounded like it would be right up my alley...

While you could undoubtedly find faults, portrait mode on the Pixel 3 can be pretty darn good. (Psst didn't stop me from pre-ordering a 5 though).

Twenty minutes of mowing still counts as yard work and therefore qualifies me for a reward. 😉

The mobile app will be published on F-Droid soon! It works great on both iOS and Android 🎉

#pixelfed #app #iOS #android

Nice cold dog walk, hot cup of coffee and editing photos on my phone is a good start to the weekend. Sadly there is also work to be done later. :-\

Nice park walk this morning and then a visit with my dad. Lazy Sunday afternoon coming up next...

Ever had one of those days where you send an email.. then send an email to correct your email.. and then have to send a further email to correct your correction to the initial email. At some point crawling under a rock to hide becomes a completely reasonable option. 😕

I'm fairly certain that 98% of the problems I deal with at work (and that's my entire job really) are a direct result of poor communication. Both on the sending end and on the receiving end - mostly the lack of specificity in the writing of emails and creation and mark up of drawings, and the failure to read entire emails and drawings. So frustrating!

On the hunt. Mostly for the scent of recent park visitors (and rabbit poop.. lol)

Sometimes I think my job is just to sit on this couch and let him stare into my soul. Either that or he's silently askng when this horrible heat will end.

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