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Got this the other day. Just playing around and realizing I don't know how to draw. :-). Works out of the box in Ubuntu 20.04 too. Nice. Next long term task - learning Krita.

On a roll during this pandemic. Already more blog posts written in the last two or three months than in all of either 2018 or 2019. :-)

Umm... I'm liking this remote working thing:


RSS never disappeared, it just became a bit forgotten about as people got sucked into proprietary platforms. I have used many different RSS apps and services and have come back to hosting my own ( but Feedly, Inoreader and Tiny Tiny RSS are all good alternatives.

It's Time to Get Back Into RSS | Daniel Miessler

This is the very first PC game that I bought for my very first PC (a 386DX-33). My interest in auto racing was literally built on top of this very game. It was one of those tough games that took real effort to be good at. And for quite a while it blew away other games with more eye-candy but way less realism.

Even After the Pandemic, 43% Say They'll Want to Work Remotely More Often via @slashdot

Count me in that 43%.

I had an issue with snap-packaged software a while ago (related to sandboxing) and now the more I read about it, the more I want to just stick with .deb files. Granted I'm out of the loop on this stuff. I am really liking Ubuntu 20.04 but it bugs me that there doesn't seem to be an overall coherent benefit to snaps and it's now the default. Just sayin'.

Suddently ran into a BSOD on my laptop. Then a scary cryptic storage message about my M.2 storage. About 30 min and a quick online chat later, and a replacement drive is arriving in a couple of days. Absolutely no muss or fuss. This is how you make a good impression. Hopefully it's just some bad sectors and bad luck.

The look I get after *he's* spent the whole day napping and being lazy and *I've* now decided to relax on the couch.

You gotta love it when someone puts the time and effort into providing titles and timestamp links on the description. 🥰

Completely forgot about Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe!!

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