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Even After the Pandemic, 43% Say They'll Want to Work Remotely More Often via @slashdot

Count me in that 43%.

I had an issue with snap-packaged software a while ago (related to sandboxing) and now the more I read about it, the more I want to just stick with .deb files. Granted I'm out of the loop on this stuff. I am really liking Ubuntu 20.04 but it bugs me that there doesn't seem to be an overall coherent benefit to snaps and it's now the default. Just sayin'.

Suddently ran into a BSOD on my laptop. Then a scary cryptic storage message about my M.2 storage. About 30 min and a quick online chat later, and a replacement drive is arriving in a couple of days. Absolutely no muss or fuss. This is how you make a good impression. Hopefully it's just some bad sectors and bad luck.

The look I get after *he's* spent the whole day napping and being lazy and *I've* now decided to relax on the couch.

You gotta love it when someone puts the time and effort into providing titles and timestamp links on the description. 🥰

Completely forgot about Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe!!

If you're bored and looking for some good old-fashioned interesting website fun then check out:

I had taken Dr. Chuck Severance's then-free #Python For Everybody class through Coursera a few years ago to learn #Python2, but was sad to learn that the class was now pay-for for #Python3. Thankfully, I was reminded about his #PY4E book this morning and Python 3 is now included. Downloaded the epub file and restarting my Python journey with Python 3. 👨🏻‍💻 #coding #programming

PY4E - Python for Everybody

Picked this to watch as a treat to myself after a long-feeling short week.

@popey - I'm really appreciating the stability and polish of 19.10, but these 3 similar icons and ambiguous truncated titles are driving me nuts. To whom do I address the strongly-worded letter?

Okay. A member of your family WhatsApp group chat starts spreading word of a malware issue that has been proven to be a hoax being regurgitated after 2 years. Do you correct him with a Snopes link or do you just stay mum and avoid being 'that guy'. It warns of a phone-bricking hack - but simply isn't true and there's no malicious scammy link or anything. No harm no foul and just keep my trap shut? What say you?

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