@randynose - nope. It's about 2'-6" x 5'-6". The very same table where we had Christmas dinner this year (and last year).

Since kicking most dairy (not cheese hehe), I have become heavily addicted to steel cut oats with frozen raspberries. It's now my go-to snack food between 'real' meals. πŸ‘

@claudiom while too much can definitely be a pain in the butt, I can't imagine going without it. I'm glad your son got to experience it. πŸ‘

We have been back working at home since just after New Years. I do not miss the commute. And I like being back working at the front window. :-)

Hope everyone's enjoying the holiday. I am going through the annual - I don't do enough of XYZ and should get back into XYZ. Got a new Canon RP for Christmas and playing with the latest Darktable. πŸ‘


@Nujtag it is, but pure luck as well. Tossed the ball with one hand while randomly tapping the shutter on my phone to hopefully capture a decent one. Surprisingly I got one. πŸ˜€πŸ‘

So it's been about 560 days since my wife and I started working at home. That ends tomorrow. I'm a little grumpy about it. Sigh.

@randynose wholeheartedly agree on the counseling. My Dad had it very tough when my mom passed and it helped him a lot. There was no magical solution to it. But it really helped him.

@randynose lol. Yep. That's his morning casual look. How are you doing sir?

@greenpete thanks! It only happens when I wake up early and decide to get my lazy arse out of the house and make an effort. Lol.

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