It's been a long week (for everyone). Glad that it was remarkably cold and crisp this morning. -8C compared to +17C yesterday! Bertie's preferable walking weather by far.

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I'm not sure if I can get the GPU to do any lifting here (don't think it is right now but not 100% sure). From what I was reading earlier, the Linux side of this may be lagging in that respect.

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This is the new machine. After reloading the web client I can now see the adjustment control and have turned it down to medium.

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LOL. I better figure out why I can't turn it down... It's getting hot in here!

@claudiom @randynose @Tayo - Well this was my umm.. 5th time uninstalling and reinstalling. But it seemed to start within 15 or 20 sec on the webclient. Though it shows it's running full power and I can't seem to change that. Not yet anyway.

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I've finally seemed to get it going. Running it on Ubuntu 19.10 on the new laptop. FAHControl apparently doesn't install on 19.10. But after some failed attempts the client and viewer appear to both be working. :-)

Everytime I finish reading up on the Covid 19 situation I find myself with a scratchy throat. Only half-joking. It goes away (so far). But it's both funny and um.. super-annoying. Unlike much of the post-911 security theatre, the changes we need to make right now as a society are very real.

Looking at the weather next week, this might be the last crisp park walk before it gets messy and muddy.

Cold crisp nighttime dog walks are so much nicer when there's no wind. Just the crunch of your steps and pretty much nothing else.

Crisp cold early and empty. Our favourite way to enjoy the park. :-)

Pulled the trigger on a Lenovo p53. Hopefully arrives in a week. Now to figure out what distro to install... Stick with Linux Mint (what I've run for several years) or try something new. Apparently the touchpad, wifi and brightness controls likely require a 19.10 Ubuntu variant or making sure whatever I pick gets updated to a 5.3 kernel (yes apparently hardware support hurdles are still a thing).

@randynose It would. But now seriously considering a Lenovo P53. It's configurable with everything I want. It's on sale (but still pricey). It's old school in appearance (tank like) but reviews are very good.

@randynose Hmm. Seems like the 5 series precisions cannot be configured with a numpad (that's dumb for what's supposed to be a workstation machine). You can spec up a 3 series with a numpad to the same performance but it seems to end up way more expensive. :-|

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