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Do you use one (way) more often than the other? We live a simple life here with only one sink per bathroom, so I can't say I've ever experienced it. :-)

@randynose It does like something sort of up my alley. If it was on Android, it would likely be something I'd play.

I'm thoroughly enjoying this podcast interview with Colin McRae's co-driver Nicky Grist. I could listen to Nicky tell rally stories all. frickin. day. :-)


@randynose @greenpete I thought Taco Tuesday was already a 'thing'. For us here sometimes Tuesday through Friday would be named Pizza. O_o

My Dad bought this foosball table back in 1980 when I was 12. Decided to challenge him once again yesterday. He's 84 and has Parkinson's but as you can see he's doing A-okay. πŸ‘ I will have to challenge him more often. It's been a couple years since I last played ... yeah, that's my excuse. :-)


@sotolf @awesomekling this is applicable to procrastination too. When I am dreading some task like writing a report, I find once I get something (anything) down, the rest starts to fall into place. Editing and improving something is way easier than starting it. For me anyway.

Ordering upgraded internet for our new office we are moving locations next week (though everybody's still working from home here). Have spoken with 3 different (very nice) people so far. On the phone 45min with nothing actually ordered yet. Coffee and an internet browser make waiting on hold at least bearable.

This made me laugh so much my gut hurts. I both love and hate that this describes my relationship with hobbies and interests so accurately. LOL


Gotta make early morning park walks a more regular thing. Will throw it on the pile of good intentions. :-)

Not sure if there's any spreadsheet wonks out there.. I've got a table with values. Given an PGAref value of say 0.23, I want to interpolate between the values along the highlighted Class D row. I only have this discrete table of values, there are no functions associated with those values. I want to do this strictly in Libreoffice Calc or Excel. Is there a way to do this other than using a terrible set of nested IF statements?

@randynose I much prefer freezing to overheating and I'm not against nice warm weather, but it's the messy in-between stuff I'm not a fan of. Bertie obviously much prefers wintertime. :-)

No AC sucks. I still recall sitting in traffic on the 401 in my mom's 69 Pontiac Lemans with those silly floor vents open and fans blowing (warm air). It was so much easier when you didn't know what AC even was.

Weeknight park visit at sunset. Cold, but pretty. πŸ‘

@randynose yeah mine doesn't work if my fingers are damp or wrinkly either. That's what surprised me about the gloves.

This winter I decided to buy a box of those blue nitrile gloves. Not to service my car or do anything glamorous, but to do dishes with! (I do a lot of dishes it seems lol) Did you know you can operate a phone (including the fingerprint sensor) through these with no issues? I was genuinely surprised. :-)

@normand I'm fairly sure she'd be coming home less regularly minus this whole covid thing. Lol.

@randynose she's doing well. Comes home just about every weekend to do her laundry and mooch food. Bonus is she's talkative too since she's pretty much alone all week. But she likes the freedom and is only a couple hours away.

My lovely daughter got me this for my bday... It's not necessarily true but I love it. πŸ˜‰

Dark thoughts 

@sotolf I've occasionally been accused of being a serial optimist. It can annoy certain people, but it has served me well. I think mental and physical health are way more interrelated than most people think.

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