It's been a long week (for everyone). Glad that it was remarkably cold and crisp this morning. -8C compared to +17C yesterday! Bertie's preferable walking weather by far.

Looking at the weather next week, this might be the last crisp park walk before it gets messy and muddy.

Cold crisp nighttime dog walks are so much nicer when there's no wind. Just the crunch of your steps and pretty much nothing else.

Crisp cold early and empty. Our favourite way to enjoy the park. :-)

Bitter cold with bright sun? That's an acceptable combination. πŸ™‚

Today started out fine but by the end of the day things were going sideways as usual. Mentally exhausted by the end of most work days lately. Glad it's Friday.

Phase 1: Eager for a challenge.
Phase 2: So careful not to let it come apart so I can marvel at its beauty.
Phase 3: Realize it's going to be super tricky to even get it apart.
Phase 4: Super worried about actually succeeding one day in getting it apart.
Phase 5: This might be an awesome desk trinket. :-)

I ordered some cord locks for my winter boots. Ordered Qty:2. Find out today that I actually ordered 2 packs of 6! Lol. Anybody need 10 cord locks? πŸ™ˆ

I'm getting broken images on the compose window on Pixelfed (image upload goes okay). Happens on FF and in Chrome and on my phone. I'm assuming this is an issue with my instance. Cleared caches and still no go. Hmm.

Here's an alert to tell you not to be alerted by the previous alert. I don't blame them but it's still funny. :-) @Matter

A book I ordered arrived today. I'm trying to understand a part of the world I know very little about.
Sad coincidence that I come home to news reports that it's likely going to turn into a potential shitshow.

Baked pasta. Did sausage instead of chicken this time. Either way it's very good but surprisingly I think I prefer the chicken.

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