Nice morning fog after storms rolled through last night. 👍

@randynose lol. Yep. That's his morning casual look. How are you doing sir?

Yea, he's getting that mature look around the muzzle.

Me? I dunno. There's times when I think I'm doing better, and then there's times that I'm not. - I'm slowing getting better, I guess. But I think it might be time for me to seek counsel. - It might help the process. I have to keep pulling myself from falling into a depression.
Things were at least livable after the stroke, and I was getting used to being a caretaker.

But I'm feeling really lost now.

@randynose wholeheartedly agree on the counseling. My Dad had it very tough when my mom passed and it helped him a lot. There was no magical solution to it. But it really helped him.

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