My lovely daughter got me this for my bday... It's not necessarily true but I love it. 😉

Nice! I hope she got you coffee and a doughnut to go with it.

How's she doing by the way?

And... Happy Birthday. 😸

@randynose she's doing well. Comes home just about every weekend to do her laundry and mooch food. Bonus is she's talkative too since she's pretty much alone all week. But she likes the freedom and is only a couple hours away.

Happy birthday! I can spell so I'm not an engineer ! 😜

I used to do the same as your daughter when I was in college. Maybe not every weekend (I didn't have a car), and as years passed I spent more and more weekends staying and going out with friends, there was this bar owned and operated by the students association right down the street from the dorms. (In Québec drinking age is 18 🍻)

@normand I'm fairly sure she'd be coming home less regularly minus this whole covid thing. Lol.

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