I made a Valentine's Day gift for my wife. It was either a macaroni and glue card or this. :-) And that was my last ditch freehand attempt at a heart. You gotta squint and use your imagination.

@randynose made them from scratch. Doubled the recipe. Go big or go home. 😛

@randynose I simply had no mix. But it's dead simple. Flour, milk, eggs, salt, sugar, baking powder. Plus vanilla extract and cinnamon cuz that's how I roll.


I've only made pancakes 4-5 times if I recall right.
It's either the mix or no pancakes for me.

@rfquerin Hey, a macaroni and glue card (or macaroni necklace) is not to be underestimated! I made one for my mom when I was 6 and she really liked it :D

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