Finally got caught up on today. I'm not disappointed. But it required some grit to stick it through the first few to get here. Such is our (my) expectation of immediate satisfaction with all things these days. :-\ BTW - we are loving on Netflix too. No waiting there if I'm honest.

Not sure if I know much about Wandavision, but I might look at the previews... - As for the snowthingy.. yea. it looks good.


Oh. And did you bother to sit down for them, or did you stand watching them?

@randynose if I'm waiting for coffee to brew, or stuffing my face with a snack or something, I've been known to stand and watch. :-)

Well, making coffee or snack doesn't count.
It's the random standing for 10 or more minuets, acting as if you're going to leave the room. And you don't. You get sucked in. LOL

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