Well it took over a year before I noticed the scale on my speedometer isn't linear (and it was my wife who finally noticed). Apparently this is the case on a lot of VW's. You learn something new every day. :-). Excuse the dust and dog hair. It's been a long year. :-)

Above speed limits there's no need for exact numbers. 😄
But anyway, these speedometers usually show a higher speed than it actually is. Compare with a GPS.

@fredl99 Yeah.. There hasn't been mechanical linkage between speedometers and the actual mechanicals for years so they're free to do it I guess. I've never felt the urge to check it but I see enough warning trackers around here that show your speed that I can tell you it's fairly accurate.

@rfquerin Dammit I just saw your nick now again, It sounds so familiar, from some linux podcast I think I've heard that often Linux Outlaws?

@randynose @sotolf - yeah I've been known to Inkscape from time to time. Though that was a helluva long time ago now. Still get the odd YouTube subscriber on my Inkscape videos too. LOL. The full archive of our videos is up on now:

@randynose @sotolf - fun fact, the whole inkscape screencast thing started from a logo contest for Chess Griffin's Linux Reality podcast where I ran into Heathenx. That was circa 2006.
Crap I'm old.

@rfquerin @sotolf
You're not old until the great grands have a car that can go 260 kph. 😸

@rfquerin @sotolf

Yea, it was around 2006 that I started listening to the FOSS Podcasts. And Wasn't it OLF 2007 or 2008 where we met?
Because it was OLF 2009 where Lord Drachenblut merged my code with Mrs Nose's... LOL

@randynose @sotolf - yeah it might have been. I started listening to LUGRadio in 2005 and then it was the golden age for the next several years. :-)

Y'know there's a joke waiting there about bugs in code, but I'm not making it. :-D How is MrsNose doing by the way?

@rfquerin @sotolf

Per Lord D'. He Merged our code. - Performed the Marriage ceremony.

The Code isn't buggy. There are undocumented features tho'.

And She's doing ok. - We're waiting for a meeting with Social Security / Disability people. - You know they like to make you go through hoops if money is involved.

She's still light headed and using a rollator. And I expect that to be the case for some time. Her Hypernatremia is just a passing thing.

@rfquerin @sotolf
And she just told me it was time to eat... so I gotta work on that.

@randynose @sotolf
:-) Good stuff.

And bonus.. I just learned what a rollator is. You never stop learning. 👍

@rfquerin @sotolf

Yea, a walker with 4 wheels. She a 4 wheeling momma...

The Stroke problems aren't going away anytime soon. I hope that she gets over it, but she might not.

The Hypernatremia is something that she's dealt with in the past. And is also scary. - She doesn't get thirsty due to a clip from a brain aneurysm...

She's still the sweetest person that I know.

@rfquerin @randynose chess was the guy that introduced me to Linux :D and to Nathan Lowell, and it was also the first podcast i listened to :) so good :)

@sotolf @rfquerin

Chess did a great podcast.

And yea, Nathan Lowell was good stuff too.

@randynose @rfquerin he's still write good books, he released a new one in December :)

@sotolf @rfquerin
I saw, but I've not the time I once had to listen to podcasts. It's a good thing, and bad.

@sotolf @randynose - yup.

I was actually on Ep082. Apparently you can still listen to it and find out that I sound a little like Ricky from Trailer Park Boys. 🙂

@rfquerin @randynose I've listened to all of them two times already :) so cool :)

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