Cooked some weekend bacon. Not touching it until the late risers are up is the challenge. Otherwise there will be nothing left except the smell of bacon. Which would be cruel. 😉

@randynose eventually they woke. But I don't think it was the smell. They did appreciate it though. :-) And I celebrated with a fried egg and bacon on an English muffin. As you do. :-P

@rfquerin @randynose bacon and pancakes here this morning. So bad for me yet soooo goood.

@ReverendLinc @rfquerin
I made Eggs w/ grilled onions, mushrooms and cheese. Sorta like a messy omelet. And Jimmy Deans Sausage. It's gotta be Jimmy Deans, or forget it.
Oh. And Beagles. - That's my standard weekend breakfast at least once each weekend. - Tomorrow, I'm going to shake it up with Scrambled Eggs with Zucchini, Bell Peppers, onions and some cheese. Might put the Sausage in the mix too.
Perhaps pancakes if the boss wants them. Otherwise, it might be starch free.

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