@randynose umm, if I still had cats it might end up being one. If you've got a photo of your cat you like I'll give it a go. Though no promises. May turn out completely sh!t. Lol!

@rfquerin Plenty of Cat photos of my cat in my timeline to choose from..... LOL.. But you don't have to. I know you really love that dog, and he might be offended.

@randynose I may go back through and have a look for a suitable candidate for an attempt. :-)

@rfquerin @randynose
No giving it a go required here either, for this last minute photo of 1 of my cats (I have a dog too). This cat's name is Tits McGee (named for the unfortunate and disturbing then amount of belly hair). This photo reminds me of a renaissance painting, even if he is wearing a paper towel on his head.

@dsyates @randynose first, thanks for refeshing my knowledge of sed. Always the teacher lol. That photo looks like she's auditioning for A Handmaid's Tale 😂. I'm afraid any interpretation I make of that photo will end up a black splotch with a bonnet. Give my regards to Tits McGee. Solid name. :-)

@rfquerin @dsyates
Dave must be the sed dude. I've not used that "power up" in my daily life...

@randynose @rfquerin oh no. I have to look up stuff all the time to re-remember.

@dsyates @rfquerin
True, but I've never made good use of it, or VIM or a host of many other tools that many other people, mostly programming types use, I suspect.

@randynose @dsyates vim is one thing I use everyday for keeping running notes and doing drafts of emails etc. In reality it's Gvim on windows. Once you get used to modal editing like that it's addictive.


Oh, I understand why one is preferred, as it's what a person gets used to. I've had my favorites over the years.


@dsyates @rfquerin

Tits McGee... So, What's with this photo? How did a Paper towel get on the cats head?

@randynose @rfquerin My oldest daughter did that. She's grown and married, but has always been my "special" child.

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