In the last 4 years I don't think I've ever been able to sit through more than 2 min of Trump. But I'm gritting my teeth and challenging myself to stick through this bullshit for some masochistic reason.

@rfquerin I don't recommend it. You can actually hear the faint *pop* *popping* of your own braincells as you become more stupid the longer you listen to his word-vomit.

@rfquerin Didn't most of the news channels cut-away from the bullshit he was spewing?

I only listen to the hourly 5 min NPR and FOX newscasts anymore. - And some other sciencey podcasts.

@randynose if we do watch news (which is not often) and it's US related, we'll put on CNN. Turns out they were one of the few that showed the entire press conference. Apparently most others cut away from it early. If it's Canuck related of course CBC is my go-to. Right now is mostly waiting for it to become official so I can breathe a sigh of relief. Though obviously that really only happens in January.

Ok, I'm afraid that the nut cases won't be swayed soon or easily.

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