I wonder if any of Trump's toadies have actually tried to explain to him why he's losing the slim margins that he still currently retains. I doubt it.

It's not that I don't think this wasn't planned. I'm just fascinated by how it must work with his advisors. It's amazing to see so many people cater to such a fool for 4 years. The greed and lack of pride, morals or principles is just astonishing to me.

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@rfquerin He knows exactly why. It's why his campaign is doing its best to slowdown, or outright stop the ballot counts. This has been an orchestrated attack on the mail-in voting process since at least May. It's why he's appointed an unqualified Republican party fundraiser as Postmaster General of the USPS.


We knew this was going to happen. Vox wasn't the only outlet to outline months ago exactly what is playing out right now.

@rfquerin There is no margin to retain in an election you win or you lose


Yea, I'm one of the oddballs among my work peers that didn't vote for him. - They're all highly annoyed and afraid that their guns will be lost, the US will get shutdown, and that Taxes will go up.

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