My dining room table. Where I've spent 99% of my work time over the past 7 months. You'd think I'd have grown weary of it by now. (psst.. it's actually the exact opposite). 🤫

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@rfquerin Totally with you! Can't imagine having to actually study in my university library again when I could be in my cozy room!

@daver98 yeah my daughter started university this fall and is in a townhouse residence with only one other person and she's actually enjoying it quite a bit. She's always been adaptable and it's serving her well. 👍

@randynose in fact it is 'the' dining room table. We clear it off for formal meals if we need to (super rare). My wonderful wife and I have no qualms with lap top meals it turns out. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


That is so wrong. 😜

You DO know that a clean desk is a sign of a sick mind, right? 🤔

AutoCAD sighting! 🤪😉

I worked with it for about 10 years. I'm glad I moved on to something else (dedicated 3D parametric modeler), but I understand in architecture, engineering construction ACAD is still big.

You don't use an external display?

@normand I have a 27in monitor right here but there are two reasons I rarely use it. First, I'm lazy 😏. Second, I love love love my ThinkPad's keyboard, so much so that I prefer it to the perfectly acceptable Logitech wireless one I have. I don't do multiple hours of AutoCAD (sometimes I wish I could) and the majority of the time is emails, spreadsheets and pen and paper still.

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