If ever there was a podcast that sounded like it would be right up my alley...

@rfquerin Wonder if they have an episode on the Chernobyl disaster? The whole incident leading up to the meltdown is a pretty terrifying comedy of errors driven by incompetence and soviet style management ( I.e. make it work or you 'disappear')

@splatt9990 don't see one on Chernobyl (though there is one on 3 mile Island)

@jordan31 I'm not sure. I literally just subscribed today. Haven't listened yet.

@rfquerin Sweet, another podcast to subscribe and not have time to listen to. 😃

The episode decriptions are definitely funny though, so maybe.. but they're also almost 2hr each.

@bhart @rfquerin
Yea, I already don't listen to a lot of stuff that I'd listen to if only I had more time .... - I have listened a little more than I used to while at work.

@randynose @rfquerin Yeah, we adopted a dog during covid (might regret that, hah). Going on walks gives me a good 30m-1hr each day to listen and think, which has been nice.

I can't multitask by listening while I work on other stuff so that's basically my only time.

@bhart @rfquerin
Taking care of an animal will keep one on their toes a bit if they're doing it right.

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