Wow! Impressive! But you can't launch programs in there, can you?

I just tried
cd Prince

And I get a black screen. Or should I wait more time for it to load? I use FF.

I have fond memories of playing Prince of Persia on a friend's Mac.

@normandc - it worked for me. I was about to use my cursor keys to navigate as hit enter on a bunch of them and they worked. I've got not special equipment - worked in Chrome and FF. Holding left mouse button let me look around the room but couldn't quite figure out how to move. lol.


So, this is supposed to work in a VR, right? Did you use a VR?

@randynose - I suppose it should. But I don't have anything remotely VR and it says 'unsupported'. But I was able to use my cursor keys and run a bunch of the games there easily.

@randynose - holding left mouse button lets me look around the room but not much more. There are a few of these things around. I think they're using DOSBox for it. I see it used in so many places (I even use it for some work stuff still!).

@rfquerin DOSBox is a great utility.
I ought to try a couple of my old DOS games on it. I can't recall if I have or haven't for a few of them. Not that I REALLY need any more time wasters.

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