Even After the Pandemic, 43% Say They'll Want to Work Remotely More Often via @slashdot

Count me in that 43%.

@rfquerin We really should have more remote work. Many jobs can benefit from having an office, but many don't strictly require it.

We would also do better if we supported different schedules. Some people are more productive at night, but the standard work day doesn't allow them to do that. I think having some established core hours is a good idea, but being flexible outside of those.

@WhoNeedszZz I've found myself to be more productive. But there are a couple of less tech-saavy and more socially-reliant co-workers that I know are itching to get back into the office, and not so much for productivity but for the social interaction. The reduced social interaction is why my productivity has gone up - I ain't missing it. :-)

@rfquerin Ha, yeah so the classic introvert vs extrovert situation. I understand the extroverts wanting to be in an office for the proximity. I just think we should better align personality types with positions.

If extroverts are in positions where being in an office makes sense then all is good. On the other side, if the introverts are in positions where they don't need to go into an office then all is good. And you could always have both situations within the same general positions.


It would save a lot of gas, and reduce traffic. I say let them stay!

I wouldn't mind working from home part time after this is over, but it's not easy. I require a Windows CAD workstation, but I use Linux exclusively at home. My employer's VPN and Internet aren't designed for large transfers of data (3D CAD files are large). For now I use the company's desktop I brought home, work on local files and sync back *manually* at the end of the day. On Linux it would be a simple rsync command. 🙄

@rfquerin Once you change any habit, and it works for your, and everybody gets used to it, it becomes a standard

@rfquerin choices are good.
I'd prefer not to wfh, but I would enjoy fewer commuters.

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