Pulled the trigger on a Lenovo p53. Hopefully arrives in a week. Now to figure out what distro to install... Stick with Linux Mint (what I've run for several years) or try something new. Apparently the touchpad, wifi and brightness controls likely require a 19.10 Ubuntu variant or making sure whatever I pick gets updated to a 5.3 kernel (yes apparently hardware support hurdles are still a thing).

@rfquerin I've used Mint and Ubuntu, but for my daily driver I've been using straight up Debian with the MATE desktop the past couple of installs. - Seems a little more responsive vs Mint or Ubuntu. I've not install Parrot OS on a machine yet, maybe today I'll put it on one of my spares.

I'm looking forward to testing it out, and seeing how it works as a daily driver.

@rfquerin As it's Debian with MATE on it, with some security extras, I'm curious how it will pan out. But one thing is for sure, if you're installing Debian you're need to make sure that you get some of those non-free bits for some hardware to get it going.

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