My 4yr old Dell laptop keyboard is failing. I'm thinking of treating myself to a good spec System76 Gazelle laptop. Anybody up for questions about these? Also, about running AutoCAD/Revit on Win10 in a VM vs dual booting (which is what I have to do now). And WTH is PopOS? lol

Was also eyeing an expensive MSI laptop... but I would rather buy something that comes with Linux and Win10 is the add on rather than vice versa.

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@rfquerin I think it's written Pop!_OS or some nonsense like that. If you can look past the name it's supposed to be quite good though 🤷

A business class Dell machine?
If so it might be super easy to replace...

What model?

@randynose No. The one that's failing is an Inspiron 15". There are two things I regret about it. Keyboard with no numpad (entirely my fault) and hybrid intel/nvidia graphics which were a pain at the time (not so much now). I love my Chromebook for web stuff and YouTube etc.. so I'm not looking for something super portable or thin.

Well, it would be nice to have a built Linux system from the get go.

@randynose It would. But now seriously considering a Lenovo P53. It's configurable with everything I want. It's on sale (but still pricey). It's old school in appearance (tank like) but reviews are very good.

@rfquerin @randynose

I'm a huge fan of thinkpad laptops. Although I prefer the smaller "T" series. Those are the "14" without a numeric keypad.

@cobra2 @rfquerin

Yea, as it's going on two years since I've done deskside support, I really can't comment on any of the newer hardware. I do know that some of the old Lenovo laptops were WAY WAY much better before they got sold off. I do not like the newer Lenovo hardware. OR HP Laptops.
HP Certification was a real pain in the ass, as well as their way of fixing their bios, etc, etc.
Screw HP.
Root Canals are simpler.

@cobra2 @rfquerin @randynose Got an Elitebook sans keypad from OfferUp for $50. Runs Mint with full Cinnamon DE like a champ.
@randynose @rfquerin @cobra2 Yeah, RAM upgrade is cheap and trivial to do but it really doesn't need it for what I do.

@randynose Hmm.. I didn't realize that Ubuntu was a choice on the Precision laptops. Eyeing a 5540. Seems to have the options I want and seems like a lot nicer fit and finish and less gamer-y than the System76 models. Will have to read some reviews.

@randynose Hmm. Seems like the 5 series precisions cannot be configured with a numpad (that's dumb for what's supposed to be a workstation machine). You can spec up a 3 series with a numpad to the same performance but it seems to end up way more expensive. :-|

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