Truthfully, I'd like to sit down and have @pla explain to me (a dummy) what he's actually doing. I can't figure out if it's clever or a helluva lotta work. :-)

@rfquerin I'll tell you what I know which ain't much. What we talking about?

@pla it's probably not a quick conversation but I suppose it starts with a couple of simple questions: Do you host your own Mastadon instance? Is that a lot of work?

@rfquerin pla dot social is a #Pleroma instance running in a VM on Google Cloud Platform. Physically the VM is a few miles from my apartment in Berkeley County SC.

From what I've gathered installing and maintaining Pleroma is easier than Mastodon.

Some of the things I like about Pleroma are:
* Fewer moving parts (PostgreSQL, Nginx, Erlang, Elixir)
* Doesn't resize uploaded media
* Front-end is great on mobile and desktop
* The devs are cool

You can install an OTP version or from source. I chose from source because that was all there was back then. I like to apply updates once a month or so to keep up with the latest developments anyway. The software update process is pretty easy (shutdown, git pull, get any new dependencies, execute migrate, start pleroma).

Below are a couple of good starting points:

Happy to try to answer any questions. ☮

@pla - thanks. That's a good starting point. I'm still trying to come to grips with how things work in the fediverse. Interesting.

@pla - yeah it does. ActivityPub makes a lot of interesting things possible... but then harder for a dummy like me to grasp. But I like learning. :-)

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