Since kicking most dairy (not cheese hehe), I have become heavily addicted to steel cut oats with frozen raspberries. It's now my go-to snack food between 'real' meals. 👍

We have been back working at home since just after New Years. I do not miss the commute. And I like being back working at the front window. :-)

Hope everyone's enjoying the holiday. I am going through the annual - I don't do enough of XYZ and should get back into XYZ. Got a new Canon RP for Christmas and playing with the latest Darktable. 👍

So it's been about 560 days since my wife and I started working at home. That ends tomorrow. I'm a little grumpy about it. Sigh.

Nice morning fog after storms rolled through last night. 👍

Waiting for what will undoubtedly be an absolutely unpredictable to start. Go Max! Go Seb!

And even more, they fit comfortably over my reading glasses. Technology! :-)

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I bought these absolutely ridiculous (and hilarious) 'lazy readers' for my wife and I. Think milk carton periscope in glasses form! Lol. They seem to be built surprisingly well and they do actually work (I'm looking at the phone in my lap when I took that picture). Clearly I have a laziness problem lol!

One benefit of still working from home is a park visit when it's a nice 13C Friday morning. 👍👍

I love Chinese food leftovers (mostly Sesame chicken and fried rice) but it's hilarious the way it functions like an instant sedative... Sooo sleepy.. lol

When you're a month into summer and wake up to 10C you have to make hay while the sun shines (Bertie and I aren't big fans of the summer heat). 👍

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