Some of the 97 German prisoners of war from the African Corps of Erwin Rommel, captured by British troops around the city of Tel-El-Eyz in Egypt on September 1, 1942.

Location: Egypt, North Africa
Photo date: September 01, 1942

@rfjardim long live the memory of Rommel, military genius who tried to blow away hitler.. but could not get decent dynamite that late in the war

@johnbessa ... and it was fate that distracted him from possibly being ordered to defend Normandy ... should he had been there, somehow I think things wouldn't go as planned for the allies ...

@rfjardim he was just a good soldier plain and simple - w uncanny math abilities - nothing happened in wwii that he didn't predict years before - except the holocaust - the general staff was lied to so effectively, they had to have a friend who was ordered there to tell them about it - his letters to his wife towards the end revealed the levels of hitler's deception

@johnbessa If I am not mistaken, there was an American general who had a poster of Rommel in his office ... that is the utmost respect I guess - from one warrior to another.

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