Françoise Hardy ‎– Comment Te Dire Adieu

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Genre: Rock, Pop
Style: Chanson, Ballad, Pop Rock, Mod, Folk Rock, Yé-Yé
Year: 1968çoise-Hardy-Co 

Please support this artist. Buy their records and merchandise. If band members are still playing shows, go see them live!

“The United Nations Fight for Freedom” - Black, White, and Chinese Boy Scouts in front of US Capitol Building. They help the war effort by delivering posters. By John Rous, 1943

Urnes Stave Church (Luster, Norway), built around 1130 AD or shortly afterwards.

An ‘Apache’ and his protégé outside a bar in Pigalle, Paris, 1938.

Business Academy in Vienna 1908. Arch. Julius and Wunibald Deininger.

A Union Army soldier on his release from Andersonville prison in May 1865.


Stalin, Roosevelt, and Churchill meet to discuss the postwar re-establishment of the nations of Europe in Yalta, USSR, 1945

“Wenn bier wir haben und Tabak Dann schierl uns nicht der feinde Pack“, roughly translated to: “If we have beer and tobacco then we will withstand the enemy”, 1916.

A soldier gives two Germans he captured at the Battle of El Alamein the traditional British salute, 26 October 1942

Brazilian soldiers liberating the Italian city of Massarosa, end of September 1944

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