watching "The grey man" was a waste of time.

Not recommended.

Is anyone here using Mac automation or app workflow to set the status?

I am trying to avoid authenticating/adding a new slack app, instead using the Apple Script & AlfredApp.

Partial success, I can open the status dialog, but not sure if there is a way I can select a status or mark as away.

Refreshing some old memories.

Going through the same old pain points after all these years.

Just because giants like or are using some framework/tool doesn't mean it fits your team and product.

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Until recently, I didn't knew that I influenced any one in my life.

Recently I heard two instances I made direct impact on 2 people's life.

It happened years back. But came to know very recently about it. The words I spoke or action I made without any intention for it

I am quiet surprised about how the world works and it make me wonder always.

you get best fruit of your labour, when you have no intention for it.

The only premium feature I was intrested in is "Voice to text". But unfortunately most of the voice message I receive are non english and it doesn't help.

Even when I tested with english, it need a lots of improvement.

if you are evaluating a framework, prepare an answer for "why your recommendation is best fits for the project & your team" not a copy of the marketing website bullshit.

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If you can only re-iterate the features provided by a framework's marketing website, then you haven't evaluated the framework enough.

but not sure why I can't get this working on mac. :blobcatshrug:

Can't find any docs on this as well.

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Looking to create an #opensource sign language learning app. I am able to produce the hand animations using @blender but need someone with knowledge of programming and app development.

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