When I came across protocol, it seemed a cool thing, but now I kinda have a mixed feeling about gemini. It's too much simple, and I can't imagine web without images and/or creatively designed CSSes.

I also agree to most of @kev's arguments in his article kevq.uk/gemini-isnt-the-soluti

I'd love to hear, what you folks think about gemini protocol, is it the future of or just gonna fade with time?


@kev is right, the web is f*ucked , almost beyond repair, and probably Gemini isn't fixing it anyway. If we're talking about a whole new protocol, Gemini is, at its best, viable for consuming textual content. There is *limited* scope of interactivity. But its userbase is very passionate about it and there are a lot of interesting communities built upon Gemini and doesn't look like its going to fade away soon.

@retronav @bauripalash for the record, i don’t think it should fade away - it’s acool project and I’ll likely play around with it at some point.

I just don’t think it’s the magic pill to fix the www that some claim it to be. 😊

@kev @bauripalash Aye, you're right. I think we need more than a new protocol to fix the www at this point. But that's a whole topic for a new discussion! 😄

But right now we'll focus on making lightweight and awesome websites.

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