AwesomeWM for desktop, x-terminal-emulator and zsh for terminal. Everything solarized using same color codes.

Firefox w/ UI hidden (custom css) and vim keybindings

As minimal as I could make it

Me: “I’m going to take a break”
Wife: “You’re already taking a break?”
Me: “Yeah, I’m going to take a break from my break”
Wife: “That’s called working”

Proposal: take public money and invest it into providing free server space at libraries as an extension of democracy, free speech, etc. Go ahead: run your instances, sites, wikis, store your data, share files, whatever seems cool that doesn't breed assholes.

@retrohacker The thing is that those clauses are actually invalid in many jurisdictions, but they bet on people not bothering to check.

It's the same with rental agreements: They're usually full of invalid clauses, and the landlord is either unaware or secretly hoping that the tenant is.

It seems like every new thing I buy comes with an effin arbitration clause, what is going on here? How are these even legal?

I can't help but read this as:

"In order to use your new TV, you agree to abandon your right to the standard legal recourse offered through your government in favor of using an *air quotes* unbiased third party of our choosing.

Our product may cause you physical, mental, or financial harm but don't worry! We have relieved ourselves of any liability!"

I wonder if the strangler pattern for migrating off of legacy systems has parallels for changing human behavior.

Example: Instead of getting off GMail in one go, auto-forward all mail to another service and slowly notify the sender of the forwarded emails you receive of your new address, until one day you aren't receiving any emails through Google anymore.

Wonder if this would work for user acquisition. A way to encourage migrating to P2P/federated alternatives.

I've grown to strongly dislike animations in UIs. I like getting an instant response to my input.

userChrome.css would easily the best feature of Firefox if it could:
1) Be surfaced/managed through the UI
2) Have better documentation
3) Update dev tooling for Quantum
4) Have a stable API

But being able to style the Browser UI with CSS is amazing, and CSS transitions brings this to a whole new level.

Example: I use CSS to hide the navbar, and it expands on hover.

Pretty appropriate I’m reaching this chapter just as the new paper on Big G is gaining momentum.

Experimenting with a new thing where I only follow users on other instances, since I tend to stay on top of my local timeline pretty well 😄 don’t take the unfollow personally if you are in my fosstodon family.

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The click through tweet seems to be a weird collision of incentives and UX. UX incentives one-off non-threaded viral content. Users expect to click through to see how other users engaged with a piece of content. Content producers realize they have a temporary platform. UX puts threading above responses. Content producers use this as a way to promote their gofundme.

Is it a coincidence that we have to add 80% extra mass to the universe to account for G, while still only being able to measure G to within .05%?

Saw an awesome post from @measlytwerp that prompted this:

Just built a bed to convert our guest room into a home office.

Fosstodon has felt like a tight nit community ever since I’ve joined. I love being here; I love engaging with the humans on this instance.

I go back to twitter and it feels like a filter bubble drifting further and further away from reality; the only touchpoints with other “sides” (also drifting from reality in another direction) being knee jerk hysterical reactions to out-of-context loosley interpreted quips.

Tl;dr: Twitter is exhausting. Fosstodon is invigorating.

Y'all might be interested in the post I just wrote about how we should deal with the problem of groups outside an instance pressuring Mastodon admins into taking actions that the admins don't believe are justified. I discuss the problem and suggest two actionable solutions.

Mastodon Mobs and Mastodon Mods: Dealing with Outside Groups Pressuring Instance Administrators

@nolan @SuperFloppies

My laptop has been exposed to the internet via port forwarding for maybe 8 hours and I’m already receiving garbage http requests scanning for vulnerabilities.

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