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Jifeng Xuan will be giving an online talk on the locating the causes of unreproducible builds at 13h00 CET tomorrow (Tuesday 24th) 👍

Impressive achievement by @roptat bootstrapping #Maven and related #Java packages in #Guix:

Probably the first time this is attempted, achieved, _and_ documented? 👍
Cc: @reproducible_builds

This generated config file accidentally includes the process ID of the build process instead of a literal dollar sign (due to '$$' over '\$') (found by lamby)

@civodul @reproducible_builds - Does anyone know of online (COVID-19 epoch) science workshops/conferences aiming at something like the "look and feel" of f2f science conferences, that have been or will be held using #FOSS and ethical online services only? I'm only aware of #DebConf20.

See : the aim is to organise a #cosmology meeting safely outside the #ZoomSlackPrison. Likely tools are #BigBlueButton and #Matrix / #Elementio and #irc.

Many of the streamed sessions from #DebConf20 are already uploaded in and the remaining ones will appear in the following days. Thank you again from all of us at Debian!

Watching and listening to Holger speak about @ReproBuilds package rebuilders @ @DebConf 20.

Lots of questions, discussion and comments — thanks to all who attended. (Recording will be uploaded soon for those who couldn't make it...) @DebConf

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