QUnit proudly joins ♻️ Reproducible Builds.

Today, the first release minted from our deterministic build process – QUnit 2.14. It was largely made possible by Rollup, with a couple of tweaks to ensure dist files use a date based only on information in the Git repository.


The SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH standard by @reproducible_builds made things easy to explain and document. No need to come up with our novel way! #standards #qunit #rollup #reproduciblebuilds

Our next "office hours" meeting for asking any questions about Reproducible Builds will be held on January 7th at 6pm UTC - see lists.reproducible-builds.org/ for more info. 👍

This generated config file accidentally includes the process ID of the build process instead of a literal dollar sign (due to '$$' over '\$') bugs.debian.org/972336 (found by )

Jifeng Xuan will be giving an online talk on the locating the causes of unreproducible builds at 13h00 CET tomorrow (Tuesday 24th) 👍 lists.reproducible-builds.org/

Btw. our corona app builds are @reproducible_builds, at least inside the fdroid defined build env.

This means a few things:

* the build I published earlier will be rebuild by fdroid and published with the same signature if the verification succeeds.
* you can rebuild this yourself and verify the build

I'll probably write some instructions for this in the next few days. It's not as easy as I'd like it yet.

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