Check out this extensive and in-depth interview with @janneke_gnu with his thoughts on @reproducible_builds, 'Bootstrappable' Builds, GNU Mes and GNU @GuixHpc... πŸ€πŸ”·πŸ‘

There have been a bunch of fixes to the JDK! The JDK itself should now be reproducible (included in the JDK 19+21 early-access builds, JDK19 becoming generally available Sept 20th).

This also means any Java application should have an easier time building reproducibly.

I've been focused the past few weeks on targeting some core package sets for #reproduciblebuilds in #Debian, and wrote up a summary of the status:

It's a long, long #lastmile, but it seems almost within sight! Maybe. I hope.

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Check out how Google Open Source Security Team () is supporting @reproducible_builds in this next installment in our interview series... πŸ”·

Check out our latest update report about what's been happening in @reproducible_builds and software supply-chain security.β›“οΈπŸ”’πŸ”·

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Check out what's been going on in the world of @reproducible_builds & supply-chain security during February 2022
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πŸ’₯ @reproducible_builds community meeting TODAY πŸ’₯

TUESDAY, FEB 22, 2022 @ 3pm UTC (7am PT, 10am ET)

Join us! All technical levels welcome.

Meeting and connection details πŸ‘‡

... and if you miss our meeting (or are especially keen), you could swing by the meeting a few hours later. :)

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I often like to target package sets when working on #reproduciblebuilds. How hard it would be to get #gnome packages in #debian fully reproducible, currently at about 90%...

#kde looks pretty similar, fwiw:

Both Include a few submitted but unapplied patches...

If you're interested in @reproducible_builds and similar topics, please swing by our IRC meeting tomorrow (Tuesday 22nd) at 15:00 UTC. More info here:

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