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I've been noticing a lot of talk about Gemini lately so I wonder what its strengths compared to HTTP/S are.

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It's tired, I'm late and I figured I should be on this platform more often. Or rather, more active, at least.
It's much nicer to find a common audience here than it ever was on Twitter.

TIL Netflix's CDN's managed by FreeBSD at freakish speeds.
Man, mission critical FOSS is real convenient.

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TIL of spoon theory - a metaphor for taking about your mental and physical energy capacity.

not actually derived from the matrix. still a pretty useful shorthand though

Woke up with tingling in my fingers and a pressure-like feeling near my wrist. I'm ringing up my doctor next thing tomorrow, though I assume I'm developing carpal tunnel. Oh well, I'm just glad it's nothing worse.

So far, it looks great, it performs great and I think I might just stick with it. Given my distrohopping, I highly doubt it, but this does look like my kind of jig to be honest.

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Been looking into giving antiX Linux a spin recently. I feel like a pure WM distro would really spice up performance.

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Interested in via ?

My follow-recommendations:

* @xmpp the XMPP Standards Foundation
* @blabber a messenger application and server
* @dino a beautiful messenger for linux
* @gajim a powerful messenger for linux and windows
* @kaidan yet another XMPP messenger
* @mellium client library written in go
* @Monal messenger for iOS
* @tigase develops XMPP server and client software
* @snikket_im XMPP made simple

Feel free to add more interesting accounts/folks to the list!

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The latest version of our Android app recently landed in @fdroidorg and Google Play. Thanks to for his ongoing dedication to the project which makes this possible.

Most quietly exciting feature in this release? The ability to create new user invitations directly from within the app's main menu. We sponsored this feature in Conversations (available in 2.9.2). Invitations can be created in-app on Snikket or other servers supporting XEP-0401 r0.3.0 (e.g. ).


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