Do you think that micro is a good lightweight editor for development?

Tip, if you want to translate something but you want privacy in doing so, don't use google translate use LibreTranslate

I think it would be handy to have a "Life and common sense 101" book.

I find it interesting that despite not being explicitly object oriented it offers some object oriented functionality in the structs.

Which one should I learn this year and why?

In the end, the same things that make us better are the ones that take us closer to the ground.

Turns out the reason why I was feeling so slugish was because I had no swap partition, I feel like an idiot now.

Bricked again, well back to anything that isn't based, the day will come but it's not today.

5th install, hope's not dead, going with architect this time.

Well, first day using and I'm not really happy with the experience overall, installing or updating selective packages breaks the system and full update ruins the responsiveness of XFCE, maybe rolling release is not for me after all.

I wanna make a desktop as minimalist as possible but that looks modern, any WM recommendation for it?, I've only worked with i3 for now.

So I just installed Manjaro today and it's the first time I try non Debian based distribution, is it normal that I lack a lot of dependencies for most things?, my first install literally died when I installed gcc.

What is your favorite example of the KISS principle?

Hey there, new here, hope I can meet amazing people and get a bit more into the FOSS community.


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