Well this is refreshing..don't think I've ever been to a site that recommends using an adblocker. Awesome! Way to be!

@rekahsoft just need to remove AdBlock and Ghostery from the list

@C_Chell I am not personally afiliated with the site, however it seems they are running a wordpress site, so perhaps there is some existing plugin they are using?

@rekahsoft this is cool, but also don't pop things onto my screen tbh
it would be nicer as a banner at the top or bottom of the page or something like that

@rekahsoft if this was put as a banner (like how does), and it only recommended uBlock Origin, this would be ideal. Actually, I could make a banner for this, why not? But I'm currently busy, so I need to save this for later.

@rekahsoft I don't install adblocker to block adverts because I don't visit sites where adverts are too much.

I use adblock because most 90% of the things my blocker blocks are spyware.

@cccam Umm, wait… so you prefer sites with spyware to sites with ads? 🤔 🙊

@IzzyOnDroid What? No, but every site has facebook tracking and google tracking and other tracking services, even if they're not displaying adverts.

@cccam Yeah, that… My main reason, too. I don't mind some *decent* ads (not speaking of those dominating sites where you have to search the real content having a hard time finding it). But I DO mind those GA & FB crap very much, even if it comes in "small doses" (oh, just one tracker? But look what it sucks, being that omni-present…)

@malerbabomba that's just on my mobile..on my desktop/laptops it's worse :ac_sad:

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