Just discovered MNT Reform laptops via @librelounge :


According to Lukas Hartmann, you should be able to swap in CPU replacements (!) as well as have FPGA CPU and GPU (!), which should enable you to download and verify your CPU architecture!

So crazy and so much the right thing to do!

Link to the Libre Lounge episode: https://librelounge.org/episodes/39-mnt-reform-with-lukas-hartmann.html

Annoying that pro vs oss feature page shows a green check beside docker repository support for both oss and pro versions, but in the manual you'll find that there is actually a lack of feature parity.

For instance, not being able to push to group repositories unless using a pro license.

I understand folks need to make money, but it would be nice if this was atleast denoted on their oss vs pro feature comparison page.


Well this is refreshing..don't think I've ever been to a site that recommends using an adblocker. Awesome! Way to be botwiki.org!

Note to future self: find a project to leverage and experiment with servant


An old but good article on containerized services in guix.gnu.org/blog/2017/running. I wonder where is now with containerized services?

@szbalint @jalcine Disagree strongly w/ both of you, for reasons already stated earlier today.

TIL you can read the Zen of Python with this command:

$ python -m this

Beautiful Easter egg, documented in PEP 20.


On top of this, how many truely free hardware platforms are there?

ryf.fsf.org/categories/mainboa lists 5 mainboard and ryf.fsf.org/categories/laptops lists 8 laptops (of which 6 are unique models)

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I have always dreamed of having a completely free laptop. Any recommendations outside of ryf.fsf.org/categories/laptops?

Found gitlab.com/nonguix/nonguix today...I love Free Software and especially appreciate everyone involved that holds steadfast to the cause. However, I question the value (and impact on adoption) of things like not providing cpu microcode updates. Most (all x86*?) cpus ship with the microcode already in place, so by not allowing one to update them, it means that it is hard to use existing hardware. I understand that promoting such software perpetuates the problem, but where do we draw the line?

I love finding out new small things in software i'm using for so many years… #DidYouKnow that starting a command in a #shell with a space will prevent the command to be added to the shell history? Works with #bash #zsh #fish and I'm sure all the other :)
#opensource #cli #linux <3

I dream of a shell filled with parens! Or rather, a shell that natively understands and interoperates with scheme but still feels like a shell.

I have used eshell (gnu.org/software/emacs/manual/), played with scsh (scsh.net/), rash (rash-lang.org/) but have not found something that is as polished as my zsh setup.

Anyone have any suggestions or experiences they could share that would be useful in this endevour?

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