@amolith @Seferi : we use i3bar. But swapping to polybar is possible, have a look at the documentation : regolith-linux.org/docs/custom

Trying out @regolith tonight.
Hardest part so far is getting used to i3 keybindings...it is my first time.

Aside from that it looks and feels quite nice.

@hrodnand : just one shortcut to remember :  super + ?

You will learn the others when needed ;-)

@regolith theming is complete now, incl. color map in terminal (termite) \o/

If you suffer from graphical glitches in some of your applications (like a video player or, as reported, in the Antidote spelling corrector), have a look at regolith-linux.org/docs/custom

Changing your compositor is easy and may make your life better.

It looks like @appelgriebsch is laying the foundations of Regolith on Sway and ARM.

That's awesome and that's something people on Twitter are missing. Thanks for this wonderful work, Andreas!

@regolith on a short notice... the ManjaroARM Sway profile supports theming right now. Worked on some templating mechanism that uses sway variable definitions and some sed scripts... have a look here if that sounds interesting to you: gitlab.manjaro.org/manjaro-arm

We did the first quarter !

███░░░░░░░░░ 25.112%

Less than 500 followers needed to surpass our Twitter account!

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@frebtherat : AFAIK, it doesn't work because Ubuntu has no ARM64 repositories.

But your best bet is asking @appelgriebsch

Having our mastodon account followers count surpass our official Twitter account :

██▄▁▁▁▁▁▁▁ 24.36%

Let's do it!

Failing to come up w a pun, but happy to hear this nonetheless Drew!
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Maybe next I'll see what it would take to get Dracula into @RegolithL as an official style... Hm...

@omgubuntu : what is "windowed" ? Never heard of that.

You mean "tiled" ?

We really appreciate the positive feedback @j_palka , thanks!
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@RegolithL desktop is the best what happened to humanity since invention of cherry vodka, it's beautiful, lightweight, tiling windows with brilliant and discoverable key bindings and still hackable ,

@brandon :

1. Ourself !
2. Ubuntu (because we use it)
3. Debian (because Ubuntu uses it)

Top 3 favourite GNU/Linux distros go!

Boosts highly encouraged! There's a twist with this one ;)

PS: The twist has nothing to do with Linux or open source

Glad to hear it @drewofdoom !
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And I am DIGGING this Ayu makeover!

We'd love to get your impressions!
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My personal laptop is the last machine that still has windows on it... I think thats going to change this weekend. @RegolithL seems like a really interesting distro.. I really have always loved the i3 wm

Preparing my mac laptop and my mind for a transition to @regolith ...!

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